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Nano Filters for Reuseable Face Mask 30pcs

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DailyCare nano filter is the thinnest and lightest filter in the market.
Tested by France Ministry of Defense. Excellent in breathing, and effective in repel aerosol droplets, like those that carry Covid-19. DailyCare nano filters are compatible with all type of Reusable/ Washable Face Masks in the market.

Filter's standard rectangular shape 16cm x 8.5cm
Set of 30pcs. Every nano filter has been UV sterilized and packed individually.
Cloth mask alone does not give full protection.
A nano filter has to be inserted into the cloth mask to block the aerosol droplets that carry virus. The static charge in the fabric and nano filter will then destroy the structure of the trapped viruses.
Dailycare embraces ECO friendly concept.
We will collect back used Dailycare nano filters from the users at our own cost. We will advise users the proper way of handling used filters and also the storage method before we collect them back. 
Dailycare nano filter can be used for 7 times and used nano filters will be collected back from the users when it reached accumulated quantity of  200pcs at our own cost. The used filters will be grinded, sterilised and  recycled to form other type of non medical products.